The Good Bank model already exists, doesn’t it?

Micro Finance is no longer a marginal sector of banking restricted to a few emerging countries.

The French National Assembly’s review of the Banking Bill, which has been passed by the Senate, reveals overarching structural measures in virtually all areas of banking. As well as taking into account the financial strength of credit institutions covered under the Basel regulatory frameworks and projects such as European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) or Markets in Financial Instruments 2 (MiFID2), the non-exhaustive list of areas covered by the Banking Bill includes protection of client assets, financial inclusion, directors’ compensation and the limiting of so-called “punishment” pricing.

Additionally, the requirement for banks to strengthen their resolution plans by producing “Living Wills “, which are periodically updated succession plans brought into force at times of financial crisis, and the need to offer gender equality insurance terms to borrowers (excluding trading activities on agricultural products) demonstrates beyond any doubt that legislators feel nothing should be left to chance in the wake of the G20 Pittsburg resolutions. Clear evidence that abuses exposed by the financial crisis in 2007 - 2008 caused enough serious damage to require a major clean up.

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