At Mazars we believe the best possible answers to the current regulations and reputational challenges will emerge from "collective intelligence" - shared values serving the common good, a public spirited and reformist dynamic. The companies, communities and countries who are moving forwards are noticeably those who are capable of contributing to a common purpose and shine a light on the current complexities.

The Good Bank: Simplicity is a complex issue

Accounting and outsourcing
In the past complexity has been a classic component of globalization and the economic needs of stakeholders, but going forward it sits uncomfortably with the principles of how a good bank should operate in terms of efficiency, innovation and trustworthiness in that monolithic banking organisations selling complex products are no longer seen as the future of banking.

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The European de-stress test

Corporate Transformation Program
"Fearing a repeat of turbulence in financial markets, indeed a collapse in the financial system, since 2008 policymakers have sought to eliminate doubts about the solvency of individual banks through capital injections or other guarantees."

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