The Good Bank : Global conversation

Mazars partnered with The Economist Intelligence Unit to discuss what makes a socially engaged bank a successful business.

Over the last year, Mazars partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit to support the Good Bank, a research programme which gathered dozens of experts to discuss the best ways to improve banking and what that would mean to a wider variety of stakeholders. 

We are proud to bring this year-long initiative to a close by introducing our first edition of Collective Intelligence, a digital and print magazine. The inaugural edition focuses on the insights and outcomes of the Good Bank program, with contributions from many of our own experts and external professionals. Please click here to view the digital version of the magazine.

The topic is addressed through 3 main angles:
Effectiveness | Trustworthiness | Innovation

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Post crisis, almost every aspect of how banks operate and the rewards they receive have changed in ways we are only beginning to understand. Whilst we may not be able to predict what the future holds, our team can ensure the decisions you need to make are robust and deliver lasting results to you and your stakeholders.

The Good Bank - Global Report 2013

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For the last six months, Mazars has taken part in a global conversation led by The Economist Group which brought together experts to ask the critical question: “What does it take to be a Good Bank?”

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Mazars' contributions

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At Mazars we believe the best possible answers to the current regulations and reputational challenges will emerge from "collective intelligence" - shared values serving the common good, a public spirited and reformist dynamic. The companies, communities and countries who are moving forwards are noticeably those who are capable of contributing to a common purpose and shine a light on the current complexities.

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The Economist Intelligence Unit’s contributions

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We will bring today's banking issues to the fore highlighting what makes for a Good Bank. This will involve curated expert essays and independent Economist Intelligence Unit research and commisioned articles. Three key pillars we have identified to undergird the Good Bank and form the backbone to the live discussion are: the effective bank, the trustworthy bank and the innovative bank.

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