Digital Finance: Meeting Ethics & Compliance Challenges in Financial Services - Global Report

This global report written by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Mazars investigates financial services businesses through the lens of ethics and compliance, with an understanding of the changing role that technology can play.

Today, financial services companies are in the process of implementing the changes required by the new regulations. At the same time, they are responding to a surge of digitisation, in commerce in general and in financial services in particular. Some forwardlooking financial services companies—either alone or in combination with financial technology providers—are seizing on the opportunities presented by both regulation and digitisation to upgrade their internal and customer-facing systems. Their aim is to improve risk assessment, increase transparency, and thereby begin to restore the public trust that was damaged by the financial meltdown.

About this research

This research considers how financial services companies are responding to both the wave of regulations and the surge in digitisation. It considers how adopting specialised digital technologies might help financial companies to improve their services, manage risks better, raise their standards of transparency and build trust.

The report is based on a combination of desk research, an online survey of 200 financial services companies worldwide, and in-depth interviews with six experts in the topic under study:

  • Dr Thomas Loesler, Global Chief Compliance Officer, Allianz
  • Andrew White, CEO, FundApps (a regulation technology company)
  • Ben Hammersley, Futurist and cybercrime expert
  • James Kennedy, Applications Delivery Chief Technology Officer, UBS
  • Giancarlo Bruno, head of financial services industries and member of the management committee, World Economic Forum
  • R. Jesse McWaters, financial innovation lead, World Economic Forum

Please download the full report to find out more and visit Mazars Financial Services blog  for more insights.

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