Private finance initiatives (PFIs)

At Mazars, we offer tailored solutions at all stages of your PFI project.

PFIs (Private Finance Initiatives) are new solutions for making the investments necessary to improving the quality and proper functioning of public oversight, thus ensuring long-term success.
Our expert international teams can provide you with tailored support.

Project conception

  • Diagnostic analysis of existing situations (benchmarking against French and international practice),
  • Comparative analysis of legal and financial issues (public mandates, corporative management, outsourcing of public services, partnership contracts),
  • Assistance with preparing a consultation file (financial and tax details, etc.).

Project planning

  • Assembling and managing the various parties involved in the project,
  • Preparation of the legal, financial and tax aspects of the proposal (in conjunction with investors),
  • Commercial analysis of the proposal (demand risk, payment mechanisms, renegotiation clauses),
  • Development of business plans for the duration of the project, and the associated economic, accounting, tax and financial assumptions,
  • Sensitivity analysis and breach of contract analysis,
  • Preparation of project files for presentation to investors,
  • Analysis of applications.

Project implementation

  • Assessment of the financial model, assistance with drafting and revising the associated contractual documents,
  • Development and revision of accounting and tax assumptions,
  • Benchmarking against market best practice,
  • Assistance with project contracts during the financing phase,
  • Comparative analysis of bidders’ tenders.

Ongoing support

  • Financial and performance audits throughout the project,
  • Benchmarking system to highlight changes in market practices,
  • Monitoring of contracts to ensure compliance with regulatory changes and fitness for purpose,
  • Audits of the project companies’ periodic financial reporting,
  • Implementation of legal, accounting and tax monitoring systems,

Business advisory and consultancy services

In addition to our financial audit engagements, we also provide business advisory and consultancy services to a large number of companies. We support you during the implementation, roll-out and management of your projects.