Strategy Alignment & Operations

Ensuring CEOs secure their strategic decisions, Supporting CFOs in aligning their function with the business, Helping COOs maximize operating performance.

Performance & Finance

Assisting CFOs in the alignment of their role with the objectives of the business.

Your challenges

Adapting the primary role of the CFO to align with company strategy:

  • Anticipating market changes using key economic indicators
  • Aligning daily activities of the finance function with corporate strategy
  • Managing costs effectively while taking account of risks
  • Delivering secure and accurate economic data

Our expertise

Our team helps CFOs in the transformation process, from initial diagnosis to implementation:

  • Financial process audit and flash diagnosis
  • Financial information system evaluation
  • Financial function alignment study and impact analysis on employees involved
  • Financial software package evaluation and selection
  • Financial business process reengineering and function optimization
  • Functional design during projects
  • Change management, training


Transformation & Operation

Help COOs fully achieve their operating performance

Your challenges

In challenging market conditions, you expect maximum flexibility in your organization. Generating cash, securing gearing and controlling  costs are key priorities to prepare for future growth. In booming market conditions, you need maximum reliability to deliver on time the products that satisfy your customer. You need to structure growth and keep control of the core business. CAPEX and EBITDA are the two main priorities to ensure profitability.

Our expertise

We support you in:

  • Generating cash
  • Optimizing the life cycle of assets
  • Re-organizing the overheads structure and adding value to operations
  • Maximizing the flexibility of the organization through transformation projects (internalization / outsourcing and core business redefinition)
  • Making change visible and sustainable

Our experience

Delivering added-value solutions to public interest entities, from large listed companies to public bodies in the Financial, Industrial, Service and Public sectors.