Global Healthcare Consulting

Issues with modern day healthcare are diverse and ubiquitous: clinical quality and patient satisfaction are low, access is inconsistent and costs continue to skyrocket.

We understand your world

No matter where you are in the world or how you position your organisation within the local healthcare delivery matrix, a nuanced understanding of quality and cost containment imperatives is essential for defining survival and growth strategies.  An experienced advisor is a key guide for this process.

Our value proposition

We examine every element of your stakeholder and competitive landscapes before assessing your current situational challenges and creating a strategic plan to address them. Our offering allows you to leverage the exact combination of our services that best suits your needs. Our invaluable network of contacts ensures that you will be served by a "dream team" tailored to your organisation’s core strengths and ongoing initiatives and best-suited to define new opportunities and help initiate the changes necessary to pursue them.

An Example of our approach: transforming a hospital’s services offering


Quality is central to everything we do

National health plan ratings, practitioner and hospital reimbursement incentives, regularly published institutional report cards, value-based purchasing - all are key components of the new healthcare delivery marketplace.  Most importantly, all speak to a necessary organisational commitment to product-specific quality metrics and an ongoing program of continuous quality improvement. Debate over the “conflict” between cost-efficient healthcare and quality healthcare has morphed into a simple insight - the two are always inseparable. 

Every healthcare delivery entity must understand its own specific quality challenges and develop engagement strategies to address them. Our team has extensive experience in the formulation and execution of quality programs that are resonant with an organisation’s culture, responsive to the competitive challenges it faces and seamlessly integrated into a long-term marketing vision.

Our global team

We have a global team of nearly 14,000 professionals in more than 70 countries. Locally and internationally, we build lasting relationships with our clients by addressing their particular needs, creating value and optimising their organisational performance. Our International Health Care Consulting team is dedicated to delivering made-to-measure and innovative solutions. 

Specialty healthcare industry services

  • Organisational Structure, 
  • Clinical processes and outcomes,
  • Information Technology, 
  • Revenue Cycle, 
  • Private Equity.

A detailed list of our services can be found in the Transformative Healthcare Service Offerings brochure available for download below.