Donor Funded Services

Supporting governments and donor agencies in implementing inclusive and effective development programs while monitoring progress, promoting transparency and ensuring accountability.

A collective commitment

Development assistance is both a commitment and an investment supported by the global community to shape a more peaceful and prosperous world. For decades - last year the USAID celebrated its 50th anniversary -governments and donor agencies have been committed – the EU MMF 2014-2020 re-endorsed the target to collectively commit 0.7% of GNI to official development assistance by 2015, and invest considerable human and financial resources - 130 billion has invested on development by all DAC countries in 2011 - to address the challenges of human progress and economic growth.

These countries and organisations depend on experienced and reliable partners to ensure that their strategic development endeavours are effective, compliant and meaningful. - The Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation was created in June 2012 by 160 countries, territories and organisations engaged to strengthen the effectiveness of development co-operation.- Mazars proudly supports a global and collective commitment to ensure maximum impact from all forms of development assistance.


Our expertise

Donor funded business is a key elements of Mazars’ service offer and an integral part of our consulting business segment.

Our in-house teams of highly professional and qualified consultants who have extensive experience in international development and possess a deep understanding of public sector economic and social development objectives and interests.

We draw on our dedicated teams to provide comprehensive technical advisory services in:

  • Public Sector Reform and Management: public policies, public finances, institutional and capacity enhancement
  • Financial Services: project finance and modeling, PPP & investments, renewable energies and infrastructures, forensic investigation, banking and new financial instruments, privatization, enterprise restructuring
  • Good governance and compliance: economic as well as social and environmental

Our experience

Over the last two decades, Mazars has operated as a trusted advisor to central and local governments and public entities worldwide. Mazars professionals operate from 71 countries, with the support of two donors funded international hubs located in Europe (Brussels and Paris) and Asia (Pakistan and Singapore).

We have partnered with the EC, the WB, USAID, the ADB, the AfDB, DFID and UN Agencies as well as many other international development agencies, in supporting organizations as well as governments to enhance service delivery, increase productivity and transparency, streamline business processes, lower costs and ensure good governance.