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Nomad : "Pakistan : Windows on a rising power"

Nomad, Mazars' group magazine, devotes its last issue to Pakistan, on the theme: “Windows on a rising power”. Pakistan is a mixture of people and cultures with many assets - a young population, an efficient university system, a dynamic culture, a fertile soil... - to become a major player inthe coming decade.

Nomad summer 2011: « Sweden’s return to dynamism »

To the other countries, Sweden’s image is of a prosperous country with a national culture that is firmly anchored in social development and support for human rights. It is often also viewed as an example to follow in terms of environmental policies. Not having participated in a single armed conflict in two centuries, Sweden has consistently based its relationships with other countries on international cooperation and multilateralism.

Nomad October 2009 : "Turkey - A bridge between continents"

After exploring India, Egypt, China, Russia, Thailand and Brazil, Nomad is now devoting its latest issue to Turkey. Mazars has been in Istanbul for more than ten years and has since added locations in Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, resulting in a strong presence on the Turkish audit and advisory landscape.

Nomad Dec. 2008: "The future smiles on Thailand"

Southeast Asia has been a priority development area for Mazars for the past several years: we have recently merged with a significant firm in Malaysia and have considerably expanded our business in Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.

Nomad December 2007 : "Russia - Large, stable and rapidly growing"

A prosperous economic network is currently being established, financed by local investors and stimulated by the demand of the domestic market. Those, like Mazars, who took a gamble when they established themselves in Russia in the 1990s, are now reaping the rewards. In a country where interpersonal relations and confidence are of paramount importance, a long standing presence guarantees success.

Nomad November 2007 : "China, an awakened giant"

Since the 1980s and the opening of its economy, China has experienced spectacular growth. The country has progressively become "the world's factory", and finally also, with the transfer of sovereignty for Hong Kong in particular, a major global financial player.

Nomad June 2007 : "Between stability and change - the new Egyptian future"

Where Africa meets Asia, in the heart of the Middle East, is Egypt: the most populous country in the Arab world. The descendent of a magnicificent ancient civilisation stretching back several millennia, the Arab Republic of Egypt has a number of major assets, the greatest of which is a rapidly modernising economy which continues to open itself up more widely to the outside world.

Nomad March 2007: "Poised between tradition and modernity"

A new "Eldorado", a market from heaven : all eyes are fixed hungrily on India and its billion inhabitants. It is true that the development of the Indian peninsula over the past years is remarkable in many ways. Thanks to the new technology boom (more than a quarter of software is produced in India), national growth has settled around 8% a year over the past five years and is driven by the services sector, which represents 60% of India's GBP.