The Mazariades : 2011 edition

The Mazariades, an event designed to reward the talents within the Mazars Group, will take place this year in Paris from 6th to 8th May 2011.

400 Mazarians coming from 5 continents and representing more than 40 countries are expected in Paris at the beginning of May.

Thanks to the set up of an internal ‘Facebook’ dedicated specifically for the Mazariades, all participants have already been able to discover their team, made up of 20 people from all walks of life. The teams have been formed with one simple criterion in mind: diversity! The objective is to allow each participant to broaden their horizons, their internal network and make links with new contacts.

Thanks to this forum, the teams can get to know one another and they have already agreed on a name for their team. On their arrival in Paris, the teams are be given t-shirts printed with the Mazariades logo and their chosen team name.

The Mazariades will commence as soon as the participants arrive at the airports in Paris. There, taken under the wing of their team organiser who will be watching over them throughout the 3 days, they will be driven to La Défense for their first afternoon rich in events. Saturday will be a long but exciting day for the Mazarians, who will each discover their unique places. They will have to demonstrate astuteness, intelligence and team spirit to be able to face the challenges which await them. However it’s sure they will still have a little bit of energy left for the festivities planned for Saturday night! After a brief night’s sleep, the majority of participants will return to the airport on Sunday and will be able to recount their adventures to their colleagues first thing on Monday morning.

The Mazariades programme of activities is still secret and will be revealed to the participants as the hours go by.

After this great weekend, photos and a ‘best of’ video will rapidly be available to share as small souvenirs. And to follow the action live, throughout the event you will be able to find updates and news on the Mazariades on: