Reinventing ourselves in the digital era

A conversation with Charles Handy by Philippe Castagnac, Chairman & CEO and Laurent Choain, Chief People and Communications Officer.

The second curve

Way before publishing the eponymous book in 2015, Handy had aired the idea that people and organisations should prepare for the second part of their development journey before the first one begins to decline. 

Charles Handy is one of the most acclaimed management thinkers of our time. Often called by his peers “the guru of gurus”, he has published twenty books. As Andrew Hill, FT’s management editor says: “Handy’s prescience over the decades has earned him the right to dabble and, given his record, you would not want to bet against some of his radical ideas coming true”.

Philippe Castagnac: Dear Charles, to start this interview, I’d like to ask you something; at the recent Global Drucker Forum, which Mazars supports loyally, you said “conversation builds trust”. Can I start our… conversation with that?

Charles Handy: The theme and, I suspect, the purpose of this Global Drucker Annual Conference was “claiming our humanity”. Like Peter Ducker used to do, we tried to think ahead what sort of Renaissance the digital leap would mean for us humans, how we could make it a progress, not just a technological breakthrough, not only in the world of management, but in society as well. For example, better communications and easier contacts facilitate conversations and you need a conversation to build trust; Steve Jobs is a famous example of someone who took his guests for a walk to talk. I’m the same kind of person.

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