Afrik’Expand: helping businesses set up and scale across Africa

Today, an increasing number of companies show an interest in setting up and expanding in Africa, including “large” SMEs and start-ups (international and African). Being ranked 5th firm on the continent, Mazars can meet the needs of firms looking for expansion on the new frontier markets accessible in the 54 countries that make up Africa.

Expanding in Africa is nothing new to large multi-national entities, nor to some African large corporations, which have paved the way in the past decade, especially in the financial services industry. Yet the ‘market expansion’ business in Africa faces a series of challenges. 

Setting up shop and expanding in Africa: the landscape

On the demand side, businesses are looking for answers:

  • Where: To go? To start? To set up?
  • How: To find info/data? To do business?
  • Who: To do business with? To trust? To recruit?

On the supply side, many valuable players are providing the services needed by entrepreneurs willing to do business in Africa, but they are often stand-alone players, with in-depth expertise limited to the specific markets they operate on. The ‘market expansion’ business thus remains fragmented:

  • Geographically: multiple players operating locally, sometimes regionally;
  • and from an expertise standpoint: the expansion life cycle not being integrally covered.

How can Mazars help businesses set foot and expand in Africa?

Accessing trustworthy information and benefiting from local experts’ assistance across the value chain, in a short period of time, are key issues for firms wishing to set up and expand across Africa.

In order to meet these challenges, Mazars is putting together Afrik’Expand – a one-stop platform to help entrepreneurial-minded companies set up and expand their business in Africa.

Afrik’Expand is the business enabler companies need to grow across the continent

Leveraging its presence in Africa (2,700+ staff working out of 51 offices in 28 countries) and a continuously growing ecosystem of local African partners, Afrik’Expand by Mazars helps entrepreneurs blaze the trail in Africa.

Whether you are a start-up, an SME or a large corporation, discover the dedicated service offerings available through our Afrik’Expand platform.

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