How we can help

In a regulated environment, subject to economic, competitive and political pressure, telecom operators face endless challenges to meet the needs of consumers.

These challenges come at the use level (for example, development of voLTE (voice over LTE)  to the detriment of traditional voice calls), the terminal level (mobile and multi-support access), the network level, where the infrastructure must carry ever-increasing volumes of data and catch-up the technology development (5G deployment will need massive investment) and the market level with traditional operators facing new, asymmetric competition (with GAFAM of course but upcoming start-up also). Mazars has created specialised teams in a dedicated department to respond effectively to these challenges.


These various challenges require adapting telecom operators’ business models in order to respond in the short, medium and long term to profound changes in the evolution of technology (including the uses and services required by consumers), the competitive environment and the economic situation. Our experts can support you in transforming your business model and adapting the strategy and governance of your information systems and processes.


In order to respond to the growing demand for innovative services, operators must invest in the development of their networks. The race for very high speed (fixed and mobile) and very low latency (5G) leads to significant investments where profitability is a critical issue in a dynamic and constantly changing competitive environment and with constantly growing regulatory requirements. Mazars experts are here to assist you in the valuation of your capex, the development of strategic partnerships, etc. 


The increase in the volume of data generated by users requires operators to be particularly vigilant about the protection and confidentiality of the personal data collected. The transition to the cloud and the development of online sales can also raise issues in cybercrime, not to mention the network facilities that are subject to increased monitoring within the framework of the obligations incumbent on the OVIs (Operators of Vital Importance).

Mazars' cyber security team can help you strengthen the governance and security policies that apply to your information system, and analyse the robustness of the hardware and application infrastructures in order to deal with intrusion attempts.


The digital revolution is erasing borders which raises issues related to globalisation. What is your growth strategy: have you planned acquisitions, disposals? What about your group’s accounting and tax strategies? Have you anticipated cash management strategies? Are you aware of international regulatory developments?

Mazars has brought together multidisciplinary teams of sector specialists in order to respond effectively to these major challenges, such as:

  • Defining an internationalisation strategy, with the implementation of a transfer pricing policy.
  • Transaction risk management.
  • Setting up a currency hedging strategy.
  • Tax management of expatriate populations.
  • Support in the transitions of accounting principles (IFRS 9, 15, 16, etc).
  • The implementation of or diagnosing anti-corruption measures.
  • Setting up processes, tools and methods to anticipate and manage cash flows as effectively as possible.


We rely on our knowledge of your challenges in order to offer you flexible and tailor-made solutions. The Mazars service offering for the telecom sector mobilizes all of the Group's business expertise to support you with the same level of efficiency, whether in financial auditing or consulting.