Data analytics

Supporting and improving the use of your data

The global retail market has seen widespread disruption from technology. Information is now one of the most important assets to any company, but only if it is managed effectively. Superior data analytics, automated processes and the use of AI are critical for companies operating in an increasingly capital-intensive ecosystem with complex supply chain dynamics.

There is an expectation on all businesses to understand their supply chains and be able to identify and report on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards across the board.

Simultaneously, retailers must be able to serve their customers’ precise needs in a range of markets across the globe and do so more quickly than ever before.

At Mazars, we understand that commercial success lies in consumer insights. That is why we have developed technology solutions designed to help your business predict sales, optimise operations and protect against risks.

Our expert teams offer data architecture and management services, algorithmic assistance and insight visualisations such as sales forecasting, fraud detection and inventory optimisation to help deliver the clarity your business needs. Through data insights, we can also optimise advertising and promotional spend and anticipate future demand via predictive simulation so you can better serve your customer base.