Respect for employees and well-being at work

In the conviction that our partnership is truly enriched by the variety and mix of the people who choose to join us, Mazars has activated a policy for promoting diversity by offering not only equal opportunities for employment but the same potential for developing a career.

Diversity, one of Mazars’ key values

Diversity constitutes a unifying value of the Group and a key factor of success of its strategy. Since 2008, Philippe Castagnac, CEO of the Mazars Group, has been the sponsor of the Group’s Diversity strategy in coordination with the International Diversity Committee. Its members identify and share best practices within the Group. Mazars stands guard against all forms of discrimination and offers its professionals equal opportunities and treatment, regardless of their racial or ethnic origin, gender, religion, age or disability.

Mazars focuses on a better representation of women in the organisation, mainly in management positions. Our involvement is carried out through various actions of raising awareness internally, developing an internal female network through a collaborative platform of discussions and a programme to identify female talents who will benefit from specific support and development action plans.

Mazars, an actor from the start

Mazars has been a partner of the Women’s Forum since 2007. The objective of this annual event is to promote, through dialogue, women’s access to positions of responsibility in the company; in both France and abroad. The Women’s Forum is an opportunity for debating on women’s roles in the workplace and in society as a whole, thus promoting diversity and international exposure. Philippe Castagnac has been a member of the CEO Champions Club since 2010, a group made up of Presidents and international CEOs involved in gender equality. This club meets at the Women’s Forum and takes annual commitments for the progress and responsibility within the private sector in relation to the position of women within business.

Mazars has also undertaken the publication of the book entitled ‘A women’s world, a better world?’ released in October 2011 by the publisher l’Archipel. Muriel de Saint Sauveur, Group Diversity Director, has interviewed 100 women of economic, political and cultural prominence from 33 different countries and asks them what they would change about the world’s organisation if they had power.

Work-life balance in Mazars

Quality of life at work has been the subject of a number of practical initiatives in certain countries, such as ‘Home Office’, where people benefit from the flexibility of being able to work from home one day a week, and programmes to help smooth the running of daily life, such as the concierge service offered in France. Besides, in the Netherlands, an extension of the paternity leave was decided in 2011.

32 countries of the Group are involved in the work-life balance debate following an internal seminar in Milan, late 2010.