Mazars supports the Institut du Bosphore

Conceived as a platform for permanent, free and objective dialogue and debate, Institut du Bosphore reviews geopolitical, economic, general society and cultural issues in order to emphasise Turkey's involvement in the social fabric of the world, and in particular with regard to its proximity with the European Union and France. Acting as a real bridge between French and Turkish public opinion, Institut du Bosphore aims to foster shared dialogue between the people of France and Turkey concerning Europe and the world that faces us.

Under the direction of an Executive Committee, Institut du Bosphore is an independent organisation run by a Franco-Turkish scientific committee that includes high profile French and Turkish personalities from a wide variety of sectors - politicians, businessmen, economists, technical experts and intellectuals.Mazars has been operating in Turkey for more than 15 years and wanted to join this initiative becoming a support of the Institut du Bosphore.

Futhermore, Patrick de Cambourg, Chairman of the Group Governance Council, is member of the Scientific Committee of the Institut.

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