Upholding our values of integrity and responsibility

Guided by our code of conduct and the foundational values of our firm, we recognise the importance of our role in contributing to a fairer and more prosperous world. We strive to maintain the highest integrity and responsibility standards, ensuring our clients, investors, markets and regulators have confidence in us to do what is right.

Our strategy

Our values and principles guide us in how we serve and meet the needs of our clients, how we develop and nurture our talent and how we work with our communities. They are the foundations of our growth and are embedded in everything we do.

  1. Our codes of conduct 

    Our global code of conduct serves as a moral compass for our daily activities. It clearly states the strong values we share, who we are, what we expect from our people and how we interact and create value for our stakeholders.

    Equally, our charter of conduct for objectivity and independence (CCOI), which complies with the IESBA Code of Ethics (with added requirements for our firm and staff), also serves to enhance our culture of quality and integrity. Our CCOI is distributed to all partners and staff, and all our offices across the world are required to update it for their country’s specific laws and regulations. To embed this even further, we have developed training modules on our CCOI, as well as modules on ethics and independence, which are mandatory for all our staff.

  2. Our supplier code of conduct 

    At Mazars, we believe in creating business value while also caring for our people, the planet and society at large. Honouring this belief, we strive to engage with organisations that are equally responsible in the way they do business, valuing ethical, social and environmental factors.

    Learn more here.

  3. Quality, integrity and compliance 

    Quality, integrity, independence and objectivity are core principles of our profession. We are resolute in our position that high-quality audit, in compliance with applicable rules and regulations, helps to create healthier, fairer and more resilient economic ecosystems. We strongly believe in accountability, and our approach to audit quality is driven by our culture, values and behaviours.

    Our quality management framework and the associated systems and monitoring teams cover all our activities and support our partners all over the world. Our systems are designed to ensure compliance and the delivery of high-quality services, as well as risk identification and mitigation. They leverage short-, middle- and long-term value creation, at both the country level and the global level, with global manuals, methodologies and tools.

  4. Data privacy 

    We acknowledge that in an increasingly digital world, the data of our employees, clients and suppliers is a natural extension of their existence. Therefore, we are committed to protecting all personal data entrusted to us by all entities or individuals we work with.


To learn more about integrity and responsibility at Mazars, please refer to our Group transparency report and our Group sustainability report.