Contributing to local communities

Community engagement and impact encompasses all the work we do to improve social, environmental and economic conditions in communities around the world. We believe in using our skills and expertise to address social challenges and create a sustainable and positive impact in the societies where we operate.

We see it as part of our mission to stay close to social realities by acting upon local needs and supporting hands-on community development projects that drive meaningful change.

A global network of social partnerships

Each Mazars office around the world has its own partners, charities and foundations with which it collaborates, allowing us to nurture and develop a strong network of alliances in the social sector​.

Our efforts are not only about financial support but also about problem-solving engagements, which we promote through volunteering and pro bono initiatives. 

Mazars Group encourages our local sustainability ambassadors to grant employees a minimum of eight volunteering hours per year. ​This approach seeks to empower our workforce to stay close to local needs and become direct agents of change through hands-on collaboration with local communities. 

Our strategy and approach

Mazars’ community initiatives are impacting lives around the world by contributing to many societal causes, particularly concerning education. As a professional services firm, we prioritise and strongly advocate for the learning and development of our employees, and we are determined to leverage this global cause throughout our communities and beyond. We believe that Mazars has a direct responsibility to help empower disadvantaged people so that they can develop the knowledge and skills they need to access a better future.

Our approach to education is shaped by our values of responsibility, independence and stewardship. We are conscious that educational needs can vary largely between communities. Working to reduce these gaps, we strive to maximise our capabilities and collaboration projects with local communities to promote access to education, job creation and, fundamentally, a better quality of life. Our involvement can range from constructing an education centre and providing learning kits or digital equipment to upskilling local populations and improving their prospects of employment.

To read about some of our latest community impact projects, please refer to our sustainability report.