Shareholder Foundations Study

Mazars supports the first European Study on Shareholder Foundations, produced by Prophil* with the help of ESSEC Philanthropy Chair and Delsol Avocats.

Some companies, like Rolex in Switzerland, Bosch in Germany, or Pierre Fabre in France, have made the decision to transfer all or some of their capital into Shareholder Foundations.

Shareholder Foundations are largely present in Denmark and in Norway with over 1000 foundations, in Germany with over 500 foundations and in Switzerland.  This corporate governance structure that is as philanthropic as it is economic could be a good source of inspiration for France, where 700,000 family-run businesses will be passed down within the next 15 years.

« Our journey over the past 75 years, the values that guide us in all of our tasks and our willingness to always actively participate in the development of our clients and our society are all reasons why we decided to join in with Prophil to work on this study.  We are convinced that the Shareholder Foundations model, a model that echoes our dedication to durability and independence, can provide useful solutions to our clients who are concerned by inheritance and transmission”.                                                                            

-Pia Lillebaek and Cyrille Brouard

This is why Mazars, attentive to its SME clients’ needs and interests, chose to support this visionary European study.

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*Prophil is strategic consulting firm specialized in philanthropy and CSR


Etude fondations actionnaires
Etude fondations actionnaires