Global M&A trends – Midcaps

This report contains valuable insights into the attitudes and behaviours of mid-cap companies and their strategies for international – and domestic – growth.

As the world becomes increasingly global, most mid-market firms are looking at ways of driving growth through expansion into new international markets. To gain a greater understanding of this trend, we surveyed 150 senior corporate decision makers (CEO, COO, CFO, Head of strategy and Finance Director) at mid-market companies and conducted in-depth interviews. In collaboration with Mergermarket the survey aims to determine which markets and regions mid-cap companies are targeting, where they are already achieving success and how they intend to finance their international growth plans.

Key findings

Thoughts from respondents

  • « Getting access to international markets can help us change our position in the business game. » COO, Norway
  • « Rising labour costs and regulatory requirements are the main barriers to successfully managing operations in Europe. » FD, Taiwan
  • « Africa economic conditions are great and there seems to be more scope for development. » FD, USA

In-depth interviews

  • Doing Business In Brazil. 5 questions to Roberto Sanchez, Regional Finance Director, Southern Europe and Latam at Rentokil Initial.
  • Expanding Your Business Globally. 7 questions to Olivier Salaun, CEO and Chairman and Pierre-Antoine Henry, Strategy & Business Development Manager, PSB Industries

Did you know?

Looking at their most successful cross-border investments, respondents from Asia-pacific (52% in Asia-Pacific) and EMEA (48% in Europe) are most likely to cite countries within their own regions when North America is much balanced (32% in Europe > 30% in US > 22% in Asia-pacific)


Business Without Borders International Growth at MidCap Companies_Mazars report
Business Without Borders International Growth at MidCap Companies_​Mazars report