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This page gathers all the Doing Business Guides available so far in all Mazars countries. These publications aim at presenting Mazars to investors wishing to do business overseas.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of these publications, we will be more than pleased to provide you with additional information.

Doing business in Republic of Korea 2020

Mazars in Korea specialises in audit, accounting and advisory services across a range of markets and sectors.
Mazars SeBit Corporation (Mazars Korea) joined the international partnership of Mazars in September 2009.
Our professionals provide a full range of professional services to multinational companies doing business in
Korea. Mazars has developed strong relationships with its clientele, which comprises both international and local clients, including private and public listed companies.
Mazars group operates in 91 countries, and draws on the expertise of 40,400 professionals. Mazars’ global and integrated partnership offers particularly benefit to companies aiming for international expansion.
Mazars international partners closely cooperate, work together and can personally recommend their counterparts in other offices around the world, who will ensure solutions that fit your needs.

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Doing Business guide in Vietnam 2019 - 2020

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“Doing business in Vietnam 2019 - 2020” published by Mazars Vietnam is a part of our continuous attempt to create shared values along the journey of 25 years.

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Doing Business in Malta 2019

Mazars Mlata
The Mazars Malta's Doing Business in Malta guide provides a thorough and insightful overview for those who are interested in investing in Malta.

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Doing Business In Denmark 2019

Doing Business In Denmark 2019_1086x121
Our intention is to provide a description of the business environment and the main aspects of the legal framework of Danish business life. For readers actually planning to set up a new business in Denmark, we recommend further professional assistance

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Mazars Guide to Doing Business in Thailand 2019

DIB 2019-2020 Banner
The Mazars Thailand’s Doing Business in Thailand guide provides a thorough and insightful overview for those who are interested in investing in Thailand.

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Doing Business in Singapore 2023

Doing business in Singapore 2
Considering Singapore as a potential location for your business is a smart choice. Home to the largest number of global headquarters in Asia, Singapore remains the world’s best place to do business in the Economic Intelligence Unit’s Business Environment Rankings.
From company registration, tax framework and employment policies, our new guide is here to help you capture new opportunities in this market.

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Doing business in Hong Kong 2019

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The 2019 Doing Business in Hong Kong guide has been prepared to assist those who are interested in doing business in Hong Kong. It features topics such as setting up business entities in Hong Kong, import issues, tax and financial systems, financial reporting and audit standards, and labour and employment.

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Doing Business in Turkey 2019

You can find the basic information necessary for establishing your business in Turkey in Doing Business in Turkey 2019 edition.

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Doing Business in Indonesia 2018-2019

With a Gross Domestic Product of US$1,015.5 billion in 2017, Indonesia is ranked the World’s 16th largest economy and is the largest market in South-East Asia. According to economic reports, Indonesia is predicted to be in the top 5 of the World’s largest economies by 2045. Considering Indonesia as a potential location for your business is a smart choice.

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