Beyond the GAAP no.63 - January 2013

As we move into the New Year, many of us are wondering what will be the outcome of the debate over the correct accounting treatment of puts on no controlling interests.

The IFRS Interpretations Committee itself seems to have doubts as to whether changes in the value of the liability should really be recognised in profit or loss. Once again, it has asked the IASB to reconsider the issue. This seems to be the equivalent of launching a message in a bottle into the waves. Will it find a more welcoming shore than it has done previously? Only time will tell!

In Europe, ESMA has published a study on impairment testing of goodwill in 2011 IFRS financial statements. It makes several recommendations that it would like to see implemented by issuers in the 2012 financial statements (although the timing of the publication makes it short notice for issuers).


Beyond the GAAP n°63 january 2013
Beyond the GAAP n°63 january 2013