Beyond the GAAP no.49 (English) - October 2011

No matter who you are, the sovereign debt crisis cannot have escaped your notice, having become a regular feature in the daily press and the focus of attention around the globe. News from the accounting world does not always command the same interest! However, the IASB is making progress with its work, laying the groundwork today for the accounting standards of tomorrow.


  • IASB work plan
  • Revenue recognition: more disclosures required in interim financial statements
  • Proposed amendments to IFRS 1: government loans with a below-market rate of interest

A closer look

  • Impairment of financial assets (Phase II of IFRS 9) – latest deliberations
  • Leases: continued redeliberations


Beyond the GAAP n°49 October 11
Beyond the GAAP n°49 October 11