Beyond the GAAP no.48 (English) - September 2011

Hardly had Hans Hoogervorst taken up his position at the head of the IASB than he had put his stamp on the institution. His position on the provisioning of exposure to the Greek risk by banks and insurers expresses a wish to ensure that IFRSs are applied consistently in the world. This concern is not new in principle, but it is so in form!


  • IASB work plan
  • Puts on non-controlling interests: IASB rejects Interpretations Committee proposals
  • IASB ratified the IFRIC Interpretation 20
  • Call for comments on the SMEIG’s draft Q&As
  • ESMA (formerly CESR): 11th extract from the database of enforcement

A closer look

  • The IASB proposes to exempt investment entities from consolidation
  • Impairment of financial assets: towards a new model, “three- bucket expected loss approach”?
  • Leases: continued redeliberations


Beyond the GAAP n°48 - September 2011
Beyond the GAAP n°48 - September 2011