Beyond the GAAP no.39 (English) - November 2010

In a joint declaration at the end of November, the IASB and FASB stated that they will ould henceforth focus all their efforts on the projects which they deem essential to achieving the convergence targets set by the G20 for June 2011. The two Boards will therefore pump their resources into the joint projects on financial instruments, revenue recognition, leases, presentation of OCI and fair value measurement over the coming weeks. Other priorities for the IASB include the projects on insurance contracts and consolidation. The IASB’s work plan has subsequently been updated to reflect these decisions.

In this issue, we present the major changes made from the October 2010 work plan.


  • IFRS Blue Book for 2011
  • Presentation of other comprehensive income: a win for stakeholders
  • Actuarial gains and losses: Board plumps for a choice of presentation
  • Put options written over non-controlling interests: IFRS Interpretations Committee keeps control (with a broader mandate)
  • Impairment of financial instruments: new exposure draft due in early 2011
  • Hedge accounting: exposure draft due any day
  • EFRAG and IASB meet to discuss current projects
  • Financial Statement Presentation: EFRAG extends comment period

A closer look

  • IASB updates work plan - again
  • Revision of IAS 37 on liabilities: IASB postpones discussions until H2 2011


Beyond the GAAP n°39 - November 2010
Beyond the GAAP n°39 - November 2010