Beyond the GAAP no.34 (English) - May 2010

Just a few days apart in May, the IASB and FASB published their jointly developed proposals on presentation of items contained in Other Comprehensive Income (OCI). However, these proposals could be seen as something of a smokescreen…

What is the point of ensuring comparability in terms of presentation of items of OCI if the use of this category, in particular for recognition of financial instruments, differs from one set of standards to another? The FASB’s simultaneous publication of an exposure draft on financial instruments seems to announce a short-term failure for convergence... Otherwise, what will be the price of convergence?


  • Appointments to the IFRS Interpretations Committee (formerly the IFRIC)
  • The IASB publishes an exposure draft on the presentation of Other Comprehensive Income (OCI)
  • Publication of the exposure draft on measurement of financial liabilities
  • The FASB publishes its exposure draft on financial instruments
  • Partial disposal of an interest in an associate or a joint venture
  • Leases: derecognition model for lessor accounting
  • Puts on non-controlling interests

A closer look

  • IASB’s annual omnibus of Improvements to IFRSs
  • What impact will IFRS 3R have on business combinations as of 2010?
  • What amendments to IAS 19 are suggested (ED/2010/3)?


Beyond the GAAP n°34 - May 2010
Beyond the GAAP n°34 - May 2010