Facing insolvency and restructuring: Mazars’ answers

The conference “Global Insolvency and Restructuring: Only the strong will survive” is an opportunity for Stephan Kleinmann, Partner of Mazars in Germany, to describe the Mazars' restructuring offer.

Stephan Kleinmann, Partner of Mazars in Germany

1. What are the main challenges the Mazars' clients have to face in a "restructuring context"?

The first challenge is to understand and diagnose the problems the company has to face: their origins and their impact. This allows us to truly understand the degree of difficulty.

We quickly determine the nature of work and the kind of approach (friendly or judicial) required according to the level of urgency.

If we have time or if we are able to negotiate some, we can reorganise the company around its most profitable activities.

However when bankruptcy is imminent, we have to optimize the use of the legal tools in order to organize and maximise the economic recovery of the company.

2. Could you describe the Mazars' restructuring offer?

Our Mazars’ restructuring offer is specially adapted to each country’s legislation concerning businesses in difficulty.

However, the common element in all the countries is our know-how which allows us to quickly make a dynamic diagnosis heavily centred on the company’s cash requirements.

Once this analysis is complete, we assist our clients, in particular with the negotiations with their financial partners and shareholders.

We also make financial restructuring plans in the context of insolvency proceedings and we help our clients once these proceedings are finished.

3. What are the specificities and assets of the Mazars' restructuring offer?

Our specific assets comprise the in-depth knowledge of operational, financial and legal issues in the context of crisis situations, a wide experience in debt recovery as well as bankruptcy law and liquidations. Our multidisciplinary teams combine knowledge and experience with financial, commercial and legal background. In addition, we are capable to provide cross-border services in more than 60 countries through our integrated partnership.

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