Mazars sponsor of Insurance Europe's 5th International Conference - Rome, 13th June 2013

The 5th International Insurance Conference, organised by Insurance Europe, will focus on the insurance industry's role in the global economy and how to safeguard it.

The world’stop insurers, regulators and supervisors will debate the future of the industry, the latest global regulatory & supervisory initiatives, and the importance of insurers as institutional investors.

In this highly competitive and evolving market, insurers, reinsurers, pension funds and brokers need to work closely with experts capable of assisting them in theirinternational development.

Mazars has built up experienced insurer specialist teams across Europe who offer tailored auditing and advising services to the world’s largest players of the insurance market:

  • Financial audit
  • Actuarial services (incl. Pillar I of Solvency II)
  • Transaction services
  • Governance & Risk Management (incl. Pillar 2 of Solvency II)
  • Accounting & Financial support services
  • Organisation & Systems (incl. Pillar 3 of Solvency 2)
  • Tax &Legal 


For further information, please visit Europe Insurancewebsite