What does the European Energy mix look like? Energy barometer | Edition 2014

The energy mix of companies, i.e. the distribution between different energy sources, presents financial, operational and ethical issues in its contribution to climate change. The European Union is seeking to change this mix with new guidelines and incentive policies.

The most important consumers of energy are companies, which will be forced to manage the impacts of Europe’s energy transition (energy consumption, new challenges for financial and non-financial indicators). The production and use of renewable energies, often considered more expensive, affects their balance sheets and impacts their competitiveness on globalised markets.

CFOs: Take part in Mazars' European Energy Survey to discover best practices regarding energy efficiency! 


Exclusively based on insights from European CFOs, Mazars is conducting a European Survey to explore:

  • the financial impact of various energy mix strategies on business,
  • the impact of public policies to encourage more renewable energies in the energy mix,
  • the strategies of financial managers to maximise the overall use of the energy mix.

The purpose of this barometer is to provide insight into the strategies implemented by companies to optimise their energy mix by sector, company size and home country. Launched this year by Mazars, the European Energy Mix Survey will establish key indicators for the advancement of renewable energies in the strategies, key issues and projects regarding the optimisation of the energy mix. 

Panel & Methodology

To deliver relevant and reliable information, this survey will rely on data from: 

  • analysis of financial and sustainable development reports from 133 listed companies in Europe, 
  • questionnaires sent to CFOs across all business sectors to measure the interest of top management in developing a specific strategy to improve energy efficiency, the incentives and potential threats driving the shift towards renewable energies and a special highlight on the breakdown of the energy mix and  future investments in this area,
  • interviews with experts to challenge and to put into perspective the results of this questionnaire and documentary review. 

Are you a CFO interested in taking part of this survey? 

10 minutes of your time will be necessary to complete the questionnaire. Thank you in advance for your contribution!