The #Mazarsforgood jury

The #Mazarsforgood jury is composed of Mazarians and outsiders with expertise in driving sustainability, innovation and intrapreneurship in startups and large organizations.

Introducing the jury for the #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge

The jury will be composed of Mazarians and outsiders with expertise in driving sustainability, innovation and intrapreneurship in startups and large organizations.

Laurent Choain

Laurent Choain currently serves as Chief People & Communication Officer at Mazars Group. Laurent has led a career at the crossroads of leadership in big companies (banking sector, luxury hospitality), consulting, entrepreneurship as well as business schools.  For more than twenty years, his vocation has been to develop executive education through innovative endeavours in both academic and corporate worlds, founding and leading corporate universities, launching post-graduate programmes for executives and chairing think tanks on the future of leadership education.

Tyra Malzy

Currently working as Head of Mazars University at Mazars Group, Tyra focuses on bringing innovation to education and creating cutting-edge education experiences around the world.

Bob Aubrey 

Bob has 25 years experience in corporate consulting on 6 continents and is currently Chairman, HR Committee at Eurocham Singapore. Author of 7 books on human development published in 9 languages, he is also an expert in Human Development, Leadership, Corporate Learning and Organizational Development as well as an entrepreneur and mentor for business leaders.


David Nosibor

Currently working as Innovation Promoter at Mazars in Asia Pacific, David is a French intrapreneur and self-starter, passionate about social media, digital collaboration and how it helps transform large organizations. He has experience implementing social media strategies and being a social media evangelist in B2C & B2B organizations, from the sports / entertainment industry to the professional services sector.

Charlie Ang

Charlie Ang is an entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant in the area of futures thinking, innovation and disruptive technologies. He is the Founding President of The Innovators Institute (, a professional development center, global expert resource and peer support network for Innovation. Charlie is the Co-Founder of The Innovators Network (, an open platform in Singapore that inspires, energizes, and connects innovators across industries, professions and organisations. He is also the CEO and Futures Thinker of FutureCraft (, a strategic futures consulting and training firm. Previously, Charlie was the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) at First Media Group, a regional communications, design and educational group based in Singapore.

Jacqui Hocking, Ashvin Subramaniam and Laura Allen (left to right)

Jacqui, Ashvin and Laura are the founders of Gone Adventurin' - a Social Enterprise which brings together Communities, Companies and Consumers to create sustainable impact - through inspiring storytelling.

Jacqui Hocking is the Co-founder & Creative Director of Gone Adventurin'. Her passion lies in helping the worlds most powerful brands change the world for the better.

Ashwin Subramaniam is the Co-founder & Projects Director of Gone Adventurin’. Before Gone Adventurin’, he tinkered with social enterprise models while in risk management in the banking sector in Singapore for 4 years.

Laura Allen is the CEO & Business Development Director of Gone Adventurin'. Laura has 5 years in the corporate sector heading up business development, marketing and international franchise for some of Asia’s leading family businesses.

Fati Niang

As a highly passionate and dynamic woman who enjoy facing challenges, Fati Niang created and launched Black Spoon, the first African Food truck in France in 2013. Thanks to the originality of her business profile and as a new innovative entrepreneur, she was rewarded two times in 2014. Her favorite mottos are: "when there is a will there is a way" and "believe in your dreams and give 100% of yourself".

Thereza Bukow

Thereza is the founder & CEO of PROSPER Educação Financeira (PROSPER Financial Education). She is a financial educator who has been working to help individuals, families and small businesses create more financial literacy and sustainability. She was born and raised into a non-privileged family in Brazil and back to her home country after a decade of work experience in corporations in the USA and Europe, she self-founded her company, Prosper Educação Financeira. Leading the company as the CEO, she educated over 3.000 people in the first year of operations. At the age of 28, Thereza was nominated one of the 15 most promising women entrepreneurs by the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards.

Samir Abdelkrim

Entrepreneur, consultant and Tech journalist, Samir Abdelkrim is the founder of, the leading French-Speaking "Blog Tank" about startups and innovation in emerging markets. In 2014, Samir bootstrapped and launched an initiative named #TECHAfrique, a 1 year-long exploration of 10+ Startup ecosystems in Africa with hundreds of amazing startups met, from Senegal to Kenya, from Togo to Botswana or Ghana. Samir spends the most of his time spotting new Tech Entrepreneurs in Africa and he shares their stories in prestigious medias such as Le Monde, The BBC, France Culture, Les Echos or The Huffington Post. Today, Samir travels the world to share his expertise in several conference such as the much-coveted South By South West (SxSW) Festival in Austin (Texas), the Aspen Institute or the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.