Mazars Experts Featured in Fall Edition of Board Agenda

In the fourth edition of Board Agenda, Mazars’ experts are on-hand to offer incisive commentary on topics that impact and influence European boards today.


Mazars’ experts dive into a range of topics which are relevant to boards today in the fall edition of Board Agenda. From the value of intangible assets to Chinese investment in Europe to reputation management, our experts provide thought-provoking perspective that allow board members to stay abreast of the topics that impact their companies and stakeholders. We invite you to read each article by downloading them below.

China strengthens European ties

Chinese appetite for European investment has become ever more sophisticated, but it still pays for both parties to be aware of cultural and operational differences that may arise. “We used to see more M&A case studies where it wasn’t going well because Chinese owners completely changed local management,” says Erik Stroeve, Head of Global China Services at Mazars. “Where they retain a mix of local management and Chinese management – that’s the key to success long-term.”

As part of our sponsorship of Board Agenda, Erik and Nikko Fu, Senior Manager of Mazars’ Global China Services in France, discuss the wave of Chinese investment in Europe thanks to the One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR) and the opportunities and challenges that come with it. Read the full article here.

Crisis management: the key to a sound reputation

Risk monitoring and detailed contingency planning can help a firm with a reputation under fire, but boards looking ahead by a decade or more are the leaders best placed to see off existential threats. “Boards ought to be asking the tough questions,” says Matt Dalton, a Partner at Mazars in the UK where he is responsible for internal audit and risk management. “They should be looking 10 or 20 years out, and asking ‘what could really disrupt us?’, ‘what could put us out of business?’.”

Get deeper insights on how to fend off such potential dangers by reading the full article here.

Uncovering hidden value

80% or more of an average company’s value could lie in its intangible assets. Understanding the hidden value of a business is the key to communicating its importance to stakeholders. “Intangibles are a company’s key asset but there is no internationally recognised framework for reporting them in a meaningful way,” says Anthony Carey, partner at Mazars in the UK and the leader of its board effectiveness practice. “The result is that anyone reading the annual report usually won’t get a good understanding of the assets of the company.”

Discover the five most significant sources of ‘hidden’ value in a business here.


Mazars_Board Agenda_China strengthens European ties
Mazars_​Board Agenda_​China strengthens European ties
Mazars_Board Agenda_Crisis management
Mazars_​Board Agenda_​Crisis management
Mazars_Board Agenda_Uncovering hidden value
Mazars_​Board Agenda_​Uncovering hidden value