Mazars Sponsored ICGN London, Dec 2016

Mazars is proud to have supported the joint International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) and the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) conference, ‘Dialogue for longer-term value creation: Bridging the gap between participants in the capital markets’, on 6-7 December 2016.

The event attracted over 300 global investors, influencers and corporate governance professionals who debated and discussed the challenges of delivering long-term value in a complex world. The agenda focused on the role of corporate reporting in helping investors to make informed investment decisions, while touching on wider aspects of corporate governance that influence long-term sustainability. 

“The conference highlighted the importance of addressing the critical issue of the current deficit of trust in capitalism and the pivotal role investors have in addressing it,” said Anthony Carey, Mazars’ Head of Board Practice and Governance. “These were valuable discussions which promoted a long-term outlook focused on sustainable success and integrated thinking and reporting, and will help to move us forward in building a fairer and more stable global economy.”

To support investors with the challenge of assessing an organisation’s commitment to long-term sustainability, Mazars developed 10 key questions to ask the board. To be used alongside Mazars’ Board Charter. For Sustainable Success™, these questions examine the key factors that influence sustainable success and can provide investors with insight that otherwise may be difficult to uncover. Download our info sheet below to read more about each of the 10 points.

Sponsorship of the event is part of Mazars’ continued support for ICGN, having participated in four conferences over the past two years. Mazars will sponsor the regional conference in Paris in December 2017.


Key Questions for Investors When Assessing a Board.pdf
Key Questions for Investors When Assessing a Board.pdf