Mazars Partner of the "Women's Forum" - October 2009

Mazars partner of the "Women's Forum"

For the third consecutive year, international audit and advisory service group Mazars is partnering the Women's Forum which will take place in Deauville from 15th - 17th October 2009.

Mazars is hosting a lunch debate «Business, states and people: recognizing our new responsibilities finance » which will take place on Friday 16th October from 12 to 1.30 pm.

Mazars cordially invites you to this session, whose objective is for panellists and participants to engage with the issue together, which will be led by Henrietta Holsman Fore, president of Holsman International and former American Undersecretary of State for management, and Patrick de Cambourg, president of Mazars. Diane Brady, editor in chief of Business Week magazine will chair.


Mazars’ participation in the debates of the Women’s Forum is a long term commitment linked with its internal concerns across the international group. Mazars launched a campaign focusing on respect for diversity several years ago. Mazars is working to improve the position of women in the company as part of this campaign. Amongst other things, the Group has drawn up a report on the current state of affairs in this area in the 50 countries in the Group and conducted an internal survey to find out the expectations of both women and men as regards the organisation of work.


Mazars and the Women's Forum


At the Women's Forum in Deauville in 2007, Mazars sponsored the participation of a delegation of 50 Asian women in positions of responsibility in every field (media, business, politics, community, culture°.


Mazars decided to commit to this venture on an international level and 2008 was a particularly fertile year in the course of which Mazars and the Women's Forum strengthened their ties.


In May 2008, Mazars sponsored the first meeting of the Women's Forum in Asia which took place in Shanghai. In September 2008, Mazars organised a breakfast in Moscow to enable Aude de Thuin, creator of the Women's Forum, to meet with influential Russian women.


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