2010: Mazars contribution to the Green Paper published by the EU Commission

We have the firm belief, on the basis of our commitment to the public interest, that there is a call for more competition and diversity in the audit market as well as a need for more efficiency in audit processes and greater accountability from the auditors.

« Audit policy: Lessons from the Crisis”

It was our conviction in 1995 and we believe it is still very valid today, in particular at a time when the current crisis brings about a challenge to the efforts constantly made by the audit profession and the audit firms to improve structures, processes and techniques and to deliver services that meet public expectations.

We also have the firm belief that the European Union has a role to play in fostering the development and efficiency of a well balanced global audit market. We see a multi-polar world emerging and feel that it is desirable that the Single Market forms a robust and competitive part of this new global framework of the audit market.

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