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This website is published by Mazars, an SCRL with a Group Executive Board and Group Governance Council, and a share capital of €438 367.50, registration and VAT number BE 0457.153.080,  registered office: Avenue Marcel Thiry 77B4, 1200 BRUSSELS, 

Tel: +32 9 265 83 20

The director of publication of the website is the Chairman of the Group Executive Board, Mr Hervé Hélias.

Mazars practices accounting business in France as regulated by Order No. 45-2138 of 19 September 1945 establishing the association of French certified accountants (experts-comptables)and regulating the title and profession of certified accountant. The company is registered with the Nanterre association of certified accountants.

Mazars also acts as a regulated statutory auditor under the provisions of Book VIII, Title II of the French Commercial Code. Mazars is included in the list of statutory auditors.

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This website is hosted by NTT Europe Ltd, a company with share capital of GBP 153,832,300, registered in the United Kingdom under number 2307625, registered office 1 King William Street, London EC4N 7AR.
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