Group Governance Council

Operating with full transparency and independence, the Group Governance Council supervises and oversees the activities of our Group Executive Board on behalf of the partnership.

The Group Governance Council (GGC) is the Group’s impartial and independent supervisory body. Since December 2011, it has included independent external members, elected by the partners at the General Assembly. The GGC has decision-making powers in three specific areas: the approval of partnership candidates and external growth operations, the compensation of the members of the Group Executive Board and the approval of disciplinary action decided by the latter. 

As of 1 January 2020, there are twelve members in the GGC: 

  • Tim Hudson (United Kingdom), Chairman
  • Thierry Blanchetier (France)
  • Gertrud R. Bergmann (Germany) 
  • Frank Bournois (external member
  • Kathryn Byrne (USA)
  • Juliette Decoux (France)
  • Fabrice Demarigny (France)
  • Bharat Dhawan (India)
  • Denise Fletcher (external member)
  • Chris Fuggle (Singapore)
  • Michelle Olckers (South Africa) 
  • Liwen Zhang (China).