Management of the Group

The Management of Mazars Scrl, a limited liability co-operative company, is devolved to the Group Executive Board (GEB) under the supervision of the Group Governance Council (GGC). The Global Strategic Committee (GSC) is charged with proposing and supporting the Group’s strategic developments around the world.

The management of the Member Firms of the Mazars organisation is the responsibility of the national Executives or Boards of those Member Firms.

The Group has created a stable and clear governance platform for the years ahead. Mazars has always worked to anticipate developments, pursue a long-term approach and manage key strategic events proactively and collectively.

Philippe Castagnac is the Group’s CEO and chairs the Group Executive Board Patrick de Cambourg is Chairman of the Group and chairs the Group Governance Council (GGC)

Group Governance Council

Our governance council was established to ensure a long term protection of our organisation, and in guaranteeing the long term durability of the Mazars model, allows us to offer, in complete independence, the very best Client service.